The origins of Trusts…

February 7, 2013 - by Nida U.

Trust is a tool that is of somewhat similarity to a will, therefore development of this concept dates back when Roman law had developed this concept. First it was the development of the concept fidecommissum, which translates from latin “trust to commit” (fides – trust, committere – to commit). However this concept was never applied when creator would still be alive, hence just like a will.

The Trust we now know as a vehicle (legal relationship), which is used for the protection of one’s assets, property, estate, money, wealth e.t.c., originates, or shall I say was developed in England. One might say that the origins of trust are just as old as the origins of the term use. And use of land has existed since long ago, since medieval times - as long as 13th century. Why is the 13th century point of acknowledgement? This was because in this time the crusades were taking place and this is when trust was being used to convey ownership to a friend or someone trusted for the time while one would go into battle.

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To FOREX (FX) or not to FX, that is the question! (Part 2)

February 5, 2013 - by Nida U.

(Part II) What options are there?

Firstly and most importantly the following questions need to be figured out! Will it be company trading its own money, or trading third party moneys? Will it be brokerage firm or collective investment vehicle? When one is interested in investing their own money, no Special licenses or vehicles are needed, absolutely regular IBC is suited for this! Special licences or vehicles are needed as soon as company is planning to trade third party money! When FX Company executes trades from segregated accounts, while mutual funds pools funds from investors into one account with a fund manager that makes trades on behalf of the fund. These questions need to be clear and understood before even starting to think at all!

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Having difficulty in deciding to establish Trust or Foundation?

January 31, 2013 - by Nida U.

Many clients don’t know whether to choose Trust or Foundation…No wonder there, as they both offer benefits that are somewhat similar! Moreover, in terms of set up, confidentiality and protection provided, both products are very alike.

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For those left out of the loop, I will explain the newest requirement for Seychelles IBC`s to keep Accounting Records

January 30, 2013 - by Nida U.

I know this is not a newbie, however this is fairly recent, so I decided to post about this for those who don’t know. In fact, there are many information websites that for some reasons are not being updated frequently enough, leaving clients in dark. With our www`s, of course, this is not the case!

Ok, down to the amendments.

As we know Seychelles IBC`s were not required to keep any “Accounting Records” (AR) at all. But the Seychelles Government had to make amendments regarding AR as a response to the initial request by the OECD.

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To FOREX (FX) or not to FX, that is the question!

January 24, 2013 - by Nida U.

There are many different ways to make money, but many people are very straight minded and never thrive for any options to better themselves. Central banks, institutional traders, and currency speculators trade around the clock. Some profit and some lose, that’s the way the cookie crumbles… This is a type of money making for those who like the adrenalin of risk! FX market is most liquid market in the world, thus average trade value exceeds perhaps couple of trillions per day. The most reliable profits in FX or other markets are the commissions paid to the broker.  Starting your own FX Trading company is a great way to start thinking outside the box. FX Trading is one of the best ways in the world of making huge profit.

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